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So, I’ve finally decided to leave my apartment in May.  Basically, I’m annoyed that my roommate raised the rent and that the living room is always crowded with weed smoking buddies of his. I need a bit of a lifestyle upgrade so I’m willing to  pay a little more money for a little more privacy.  My own  private bathroom would be nice too.

During my search, I’ve considered Brooklyn quite a bit due to cost and the fact that certain parts of Brooklyn are “up-and-coming”.  But then, I thought about how many dates I’ve had where the girl is from Brooklyn and comes to see me, in the east village in Manhattan .  I thought about the few girls from the Bronx that made the trek to my neighborhood to meet.  I thought about all the chicks from the Upper East side, Harlem, and the Upper West Side that make the trek to my neighborhood to see me.

Brooklyn? Fuck that.

My neighborhood is ranked #10 on “The Most Livable Neighborhoods in New York” , but of course the writers don’t take into account favorable logistics to get laid and add new women to your life easier.  So I’m staying in downtown Manhattan and would prefer to stay in the neighborhood I live in now.  But I’d consider other neighborhoods (Soho, West Village, Chelsea) too.   The reason is that these areas are considered “hip” so when you invite someone out who doesn’t live in the neighborhood, it works in your favor.  I’ve been seeing a girl from Brooklyn recently who always makes the trip to see me, and that’s how most of my casual relationships have gone since I’m around all the bars, cool places to eat,  and nightlife.

It’s a classic example of Lifestyle helping my game


Feeling Good

Posted: July 21, 2011 in inner game, lifestyle, relationships

Reflecting on my 30th birthday BBQ last Friday does kind of make me warm and fuzzy inside.

The reason is that I think about how far I’ve come in the last two years since I discovered the whole seduction scene.   I think after I came back from Austria in late ’06, a certain part of me just shut off socially.   My interests and hobbies were different.  I thought about my ex-girlfriend that I left over there a lot.  My old friends moved away.  I just wasn’t into hanging out with any of them, which I now regret.  I stayed in an apartment with this weirdo in VA until I moved to NJ and lived with my parents.  I got fired from two jobs and laid off from one of them.  I was a mess.

I just didn’t really want anything but to get on track in terms of my career.   And by the time that I found a steady job that I liked, I just told myself that it’s time to get social and get some new people to hang out with.   And time to actually stick my dick in some vagina again.  Sometime between the layoff and actually starting a career, I saw this video  (an edited version of the original, which I know runs over 10 minutes) which lit a fire in my butt.  I had been sitting around, gaining weight, not doing shit but being depressed and here’s a guy who approached a stranger on the street and made out with her.  I downloaded everything I could find and found myself in Brad P’s 30/30 club.  Met a few local guys in the scene at I was out trying to get  again after maybe three years of not doing anything.

Now I’ve worked hard enough to live in a cool neighborhood, have two job offers pending to make more money, and life couldn’t get any better.  I’ve got a fuckbuddy but no strong emotional bond with her but that’s OK.  At least she’s funny.  I’ve got friends calling me up to do stuff, and I’m out gaming all the time on the weekends and sometimes during my day-to-day activities.   I still want to get in better shape and explore my hobbies, but that’s all a work in progress.   Everybody at my party, I’ve met in 2010-11.  So that’s not a long time and tells me that there’s more where that came from if I keep doing what I’m doing.  Of course, most of my invitees were men and my buddy M provided a lot of the ladies there, but who cares?  I liked my role of being sort of a ‘connector’ to people, and that’s only going to continue.  Me and M have plans to keep doing rooftop parties, keep connecting people, keep bringing value to others instead of always trying to operate in that nightgame/daygame paradigm where the odds are always stacked against you anyway.

My neediness still seeps through in my interactions, but I think part of the cure is just building that solid foundation of building a lifestyle that I can say I’m proud of.