The main advantage of living in downtown Manhattan versus any other place in NYC

Posted: February 28, 2012 in lifestyle

So, I’ve finally decided to leave my apartment in May.  Basically, I’m annoyed that my roommate raised the rent and that the living room is always crowded with weed smoking buddies of his. I need a bit of a lifestyle upgrade so I’m willing to  pay a little more money for a little more privacy.  My own  private bathroom would be nice too.

During my search, I’ve considered Brooklyn quite a bit due to cost and the fact that certain parts of Brooklyn are “up-and-coming”.  But then, I thought about how many dates I’ve had where the girl is from Brooklyn and comes to see me, in the east village in Manhattan .  I thought about the few girls from the Bronx that made the trek to my neighborhood to meet.  I thought about all the chicks from the Upper East side, Harlem, and the Upper West Side that make the trek to my neighborhood to see me.

Brooklyn? Fuck that.

My neighborhood is ranked #10 on “The Most Livable Neighborhoods in New York” , but of course the writers don’t take into account favorable logistics to get laid and add new women to your life easier.  So I’m staying in downtown Manhattan and would prefer to stay in the neighborhood I live in now.  But I’d consider other neighborhoods (Soho, West Village, Chelsea) too.   The reason is that these areas are considered “hip” so when you invite someone out who doesn’t live in the neighborhood, it works in your favor.  I’ve been seeing a girl from Brooklyn recently who always makes the trip to see me, and that’s how most of my casual relationships have gone since I’m around all the bars, cool places to eat,  and nightlife.

It’s a classic example of Lifestyle helping my game



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