Know when to hold em…and other stuff

Posted: January 31, 2012 in inner game, Uncategorized

So with the redhead I mentioned, I cut it off with her after date 3.   She had canceled on me twice: one on December 22nd and then she counteroffered to hang out the next day.  I accepted stupidly and she turns around and gives me a call and cancels.

I freeze out for about three weeks.  After the new year around the 15th, I hit her up.  On date three, I tried to get her to my house.  No go.  I had free tickets for a game, she turned me down and said she had to run “errands”.
Usually, the ones I like run away because they probably feel as if I like them more than they like me.  I was checking out “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida and he was talking about masculine and feminine polarity.  If a man likes a man more than a woman likes a man, he’s overtaken her feminine polarity and she runs away.
It’s almost as if I’m repeating the same pattern I did here  .
The funny thing about the bulgarian girl from last year is that I met her at a christmas party meetup a few months ago.  And it dawned on me that I didn’t even have much in common with her.
Furthermore, I didn’t have much in common with the redhead either.  A brunette girl (a girl I met around November) who I thought was “not like the rest”  I let affect me emotionally after she said she wasn’t interested in a second date.    The fact is, these were physical attractions that I let turn into emotional ones when no emotional connection was present at all.  And it’s always with the most attractive ones.  Mentally, I pedastalize them to something they’re not and I don’t act as confident as I am with less attractive girls.  It’s fucked up.  Maybe my new year’s resolution ought to be something like “I’ll never fantasize about a girl I just met. “
  1. create a fault like, “Look at her nose, it’s fucked up” or something like that?

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