closing out 2011

Posted: January 3, 2012 in dates, lays

Well I had a few interesting weeks to close out the year.

A little before the holiday, I met up with a Latin girl I met online.  She was down to meet the same day that we were messaging each other.  To make a long story short, we had a couple of drinks at my new date spot (which is literally right down the street) and I invited her up to check out something.  I literally forgot what I asked her to check out, I think it was either some kind of music or something on tv.  We start making out, I get my fingers in the pussy.  I get a little resistance, something like “We shouldn’t be doing this!” and I deflect that somehow by just saying something similar to throwing back the objection.  In short, I close.

Went on a date with an Italian girl who was asking a ton of questions.  She was interested for sure and asked me a ton of things like “Do I look like my pic online?” and throwing all sorts of player accusations at me.  I invited her up to watch some comedy show I really like (Patrice O’Neal, RIP) and she had a time constraint due to the holidays.  On the date, she asks me out for the following Wednesday and I agree.  When Wednesday rolls around though, she doesn’t show up.  I just forget about it but she hits me up on Friday.  My roomate was throwing a party and I invite her in.  She walks in, clearly done up, and bought a bottle of wine.  Our apartment is crowded so we just go into my room and watch the comedy show.  Beforehand, I just ramp up the conversation and talk about sex, how women like it, etc etc. I close the deal pretty easily.

Went out with a black girl, the first one in a long time.   To be pretty honest, I’ve avoided black girls since I moved into the city but this one was fucking gorgeous.  She had been flaky as hell prior to the meetup because I pushed drinks a little bit before the holiday and didn’t get a response.  I think there was some friendly chemistry, I could tell she was attracted.  But I tried to push her to listen to some music or something and found out that she works at Starbucks at 7am.   Needless to say, it didn’t happen.  I followed up a few days later but no response.

To start out 2012,  I went out with this redheaded Russian girl from the midwest.  Everything was pretty cool, I could tell she was attracted to me.  I had a built-in excuse to bounce to my place: “We threw a party and I have some leftover bottles of wine, help me finish one” and she said ok.  The more I date, the better I get at pulling because timing is pretty much everything.  I proposed it right after the waiter asked if I wanted another round.  Anyway, we get to the place, she gets a bit comfortable, I pour some wine, and we go into the room.  About 10 minutes in, I go for the kiss.  We start making out, I start going for her pussy, and get blocked.  So I break it off a little bit and just cuddle with her.  I think I went in again too fast because even though she was horny, she was blocking.   She goes to the bathroom and then is kind of like, “I gotta go”, but stays a little bit longer and makes out.  I get to suck some tits, but that’s about it.

Had a date with this blonde girl I met on NYE in Brooklyn.  I could tell she was into me, but I couldn’t get anything done that night because of her bad logistics.  Our date went well until I invited her up for a bottle of wine.  Then it went downhill fast since she initially accepted, and then backed off as we were leaving the bar.  Didn’t call her again after that.  Win some, lose some


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