Online dating problem–solution

Posted: November 10, 2011 in dates, the game

In general, I’m liking my whole online experiment I’ve been doing for the last two months.  But, I think I’ve missed out on some key opportunities by being TOO aggressive and too outcome dependent (i.e I must have sex on the first date so I’m going to do what the community says: venue A, venue B, go for the pull at home).  A lot of the seduction community focuses on getting guys to escalate because a lot of guys (including myself) weren’t very touchy guys to begin with.  But once you get to a certain point to where taking a girl’s hand or kissing her neck isn’t a problem anymore, it’s time to calibrate a bit.  Online dating just requires a different physical model than girls you meet at night.

I recently came across blackdragon’s ebook and he’s got a different way of doing things to at least get sex by the second or third date.   The logic to just wait a bit is very simple

a) Even if she’s a slut and would gladly fuck you on the first date, she’ll gladly fuck on the second or third as long as the impression made was good.

b) over-escalate or try to pull a girl with “rules” like “no sex on the first date”, the chances to lose that girl increases.

The girl I’m currently seeing (the 2nd blonde girl I wrote about here) was strictly against fucking me the first time we met, but fucked me the second time.

So I’m just going to do some light touching on my first dates, limit the time spent, and keep them cheap as well.  I’m then going to try the standard long date of going to different venues and then going for the pull on the second or third date.  That’s the way I think to maximize my lays and then decide where I want the relationship to go.  Also, I’ve been inconsistent in writing about all of them, because I had three last week and only wrote about one (the Romanian)


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