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a lil latin love

Posted: October 7, 2011 in lays

Ok, so nightgame did bear me some fruit despite my constant loathing of it as of late.  Last Friday, I went out to a rooftop bar and met a girl that I had actually met at another bar a few weeks ago.   She’s a hot Dominican girl with wild hair.  The first time, she got pulled away by her friends.  Generally, I didn’t think I’d get a second chance so when I saw her, I approached. It went much warmer than the first time since she recognized who she was and I was teasing her about her looking like a particular actress.  Logistically, her sister was with her so I didn’t push for much besides a date. So I got a date settled for Thursday.

No real phone game needed, except solidifying the meeting through text.  She has to go to a company dinner the same night so we end up rescheduling for 10. 

She shows up and we really start chatting away at the first bar I took her to.  I go for the kiss twice and get the cheek.  But every now and then, I would touch other parts of her body after key points in the conversation because she did the same thing.   We walk to a second bar which ended up being perfect.  They were playing a little reggaeton and she liked it.  So we danced a bit, another excuse for me touching her.  I start making bigger physical moves like kissing her neck on the dancefloor as she’s dancing with me.  Finally, we make out after she was still trying to have me kiss her cheek.   It was getting kinda hot and we’re on the couch making out like crazy.  Finally, I suggest that we go some place else and she agrees. 

We get to my house, and she says something like “Why are we here?” and I say that I need to smoke a black & mild.  Whatever.  So we just go into my room and she climbs in my bed.  It was probably 2:30 and we watch some TV a little bit.  But when I made moves, she doesn’t resist at all.  Closed the deal pretty easily.

okcupid is easier that night game

Posted: October 4, 2011 in dates, lays, the game

So I’ve still been going out and doing night game but I’ve been bored by it lately.  It just seems like going through the motions at times.  Various things have happened during the past few weeks to make me consider doing more approaches in the day time and/or only going out at night if it’s a social thing, not to “sarge”.  It’s honestly just making me misogynistic in a way because it’s like you’re looking at women at their best dressed combined with their worst attitudes thanks to a  alcohol and constant male attention.   I had a girl that I tried to approach walk up to me, make out with me, and leave without saying a word.  I had some other girl get all creeped out because I was at the bar alone one Friday night..and that’s after she started kissing my neck and making out with me.  Basically, I’m not excited by it anymore and probably need a few weeks off just to build up some anticipation and excitement for it.   Besides that, I’ve had some problems with the manager at my local spot, a spot I spend a lot of money at.

This 20 second clip summarizes my feelings about going out at night right now.

I started going hard on pof and okcupid 3 weeks ago and I like my results, 2 weeks 2 lays. Here’s a general breakdown

Went out with this tall, blonde, hipsterish girl.  We sent a few messages back and I asked her out pretty soon.  She actually accepts for that same Thursday night.   So we end up meeting at a bar but we leave so I could get a slice of pizza.  We then go to the hookah bar I’ve been taking my dates to.  We sit down, talk for about an hour, and then agree to go to another place.  I do a little bit of hand holding on the way just to see how comfortable she is with me.  We sit down at the other place and I go in for a little peck like 10 minutes in.  She starts touching my neck, touching my crotch, so I know it’s on but I didn’t do too much to kill the sexual tension.  While we were talking about music, she was talking about this group she really liked.  She suggested that we go dance at this place that we both talked about but I wasn’t for it.  I instead suggested that we go listen to her band and she got the innuendo.  So we grab some beers on the way to my place and then we go into my room.  I just load up my Pandora to play her music and she’s pretty relaxed.  I  close about 30 minutes in.

Last week, I went out with this short blonde girl.  I was very straightforward just like the last girl to get her out.  We set up a date for Thursday.  She comes to my area but ends up forgetting her id.  So instead of going to my planned hookah spot, I go get two bottles of wine.  My backup plan was to go to a BYOB hookah place but the owner ends up checking ID’s.  rats.  So instead I just go straight to my house and we chill in my room for about 4 hours or so.  As far as closing that night, it didn’t happen but she told me her weekend schedule was wide open.  So we meet on saturday, go out near her area,  and I slept over at her place and closed.

The first one is not going to be around at all, the second one probably will.  But honestly, the things I have to deal with when I’m out at night (cockblocking, rude staffs) don’t exist in online game so I’m going to keep it up.