What two Long Island Ice Teas will do.

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Field Reports

This was a night of drunken debauchery.  Everything seemed so easy, no real blowouts just a few short fizzled out conversations between the three girls that hooked below.  I would have helped myself towards the end if I would have paced my drinking a bit.

First girl that opens relatively easy is this brunette girl.  I just tap her, forget what I say, but I look her straight in the eye.  This is one approach where I think eye contact made the difference because it’s like my eyes stopped her from just going right past me.  Maybe that’s why I felt so at ease last night? I don’t know.  The problem was that she was kind of drunk and wanted to dance and wouldn’t talk to me.  Another problem is that she was an absolute dork, dancing and doing mime like moves and the robot.  I asked her name and she kept ignoring me.  But she kept grabbing me too.  I was a bit confused.  I should have escalated harder because she wasn’t giving me anything verbal to work with, just physicality.  I should have gone for my standard necking thing.  She sees her friends dancing and joins them in their circle, and basically just dismisses me.

I head over to the bar area and there’s this latin girl standing next to two friends, a male and a female.  We look at each other and she opens me, looking at me really flirtatious.   We talk for a few.  I find out she’s taking a cross country trip and is stopping in ny.  At one point, she dismisses her friends and says something like “I’m with him” so I buy her a drink after that.  We go out to dance and have a dance-to-nowhere.  She disappears after that.   Again, playing it safe and should have gone for the neck.

I’m standing around and some Asian girl takes ice and puts it down my shirt.  I’m like “You’re just trying to talk to me” and she’s all like “maybe”.  I find out she’s Korean and we just talk and joke around for awhile.  I go for the kiss as we’re standing up and it’s good.  The thing is, at this point, I’m kind of drunk and forgot her name even though at one point she let me see her driver’s license.  She got pissed and I just apologized for it and made out with her some more.  Her name becomes an ongoing joke in addition to some other stuff.  We end up on the couch and she’s making out pretty passionately with me and I’m thinking “SNL, SNL”.  But things started to unravel a bit.  First off, she’s there with like four other girls.  When we were standing up, her friend came by to “check on her” and she told her that she was fine.  When we were on the couch, her friend checked up on her and then either took her bag or the bag she was looking for.  Whatever it was, it kind of killed the vibe from her being in the moment to her being all like “I’ve gotta go”.  She must have said it like 10 times in between kissing me.  She was saying it even while being on top of me kissing me and it’s like WTF.   On the couch, I think I reveal myself a little too much.  Mark Manson talks about vulnerability a lot and I was just telling her that I’m kinda sick of random hookups and I’m looking for a connection.  She actually says something like “I can tell you do this alot” or something of that sort.  Then, for whatever reason, I tell her that my last girlfriend was Japanese.  This kind of kills the vibe additionally for me because I could see how her body language reacted to that, even though I was drunk.   So vulnerability…a good thing but it just has to be used correctly.    We get into some argument about something..fuck I don’t remember.  And she starts slapping me and I’m just laughing at it and telling her to do it again.  Then we start kissing again.  Finally, one of her friends is all like “We’re leaving, are you staying?” and she’s like “No, I’m going”.  It’s like 3am at this point.

I do another set and this girl is being sort of an attention whore when her friends get there and they start dancing on the couches.   Oh well

I’m walking and hear this conversation going on where this girl gets hung up on.  So I neg her a little bit and we walk and laugh about it together.  This girl was like a PUA because everything I asked her, I had to “guess” the answer.  Eventually, she knows a little about me and vice versa and I go for the pull to a bar near my place.  No-go, it’s raining out and she wants to go home.  I get the number but she walks off all quickly so I don’t think I’ll follow up with it

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